EMERGENCY CARE For Your Havanese

By: Fiona Kelly
It is extremely important for a pet-parent to know first aid and emergency care. Sometimes knowing what to do can save a Havanese life.
Experts recommend that dog owners should attend a regular first aid class. Then you can pass on what you have learnt to other family members and practice the routine at home. In the event of an emergency, you will be well equipped to handle it efficiently.
What You Must Do In An Emergency:
1. Find out what the problem is—jot down the symptoms.
2. Make the Havanese as comfortable as you possibly can.
3. Ring the vet/animal clinic and systematically describe the problem and take down what they advice that you should do until help arrives.
4. Try and keep the dog as calm as possible.
5. Wrap him in a heavy and warm blanket to keep him warm and to restrict his movements. You need one more person to help you accomplish this.
6. If your pet has consumed poison, don’t induce vomiting.
7. Nor should you attempt the kiss of life if the dog stops breathing, because of the poison.

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